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About the Foundation

At MaaRula MCA Entrance Exam the review condition depends on GURUKUL Pattern and takes after the subject as expressed in above shloka .Here the understudies are enjoyed extraordinary diligent work which thus brings about Grand Success and changes each understudy’s fantasy into reality. MaaRula MCA Entrance coaching classes is known as India’s No. 1 Institute for All India MCA Entrance Training as it has created most noteworthy number of ALL INDIA MCA Entrance exam with greatest number of toppers most astounding number of determinations in top MCA entrance exam tests like NIT, JNU, HCU, BHU, Pune,VIT,BIT, MP-MCA and numerous other top colleges.

Outstanding faculty in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh,India

The personnel is the foundation of any establishment. At MaaRula, the Director Mr. AMIT KATIYAR (JNU-MCA) Sir is the main staff who alone shows every one of the subjects to every one of the understudies. He has earned 5 years of involvement in the field of MCA Entrance arrangement and has created most astounding number of All India Toppers with greatest number of determinations in top MCA placement tests. Likewise, he is to a great degree mainstream among the understudies as the best instructor for MCA Entrance, an awesome helper cum-guide, and the man who could simply create extraordinary outcomes.

Greatest number of shortcuts,tricks and procedures on All themes

YOU at any point envisioned why toppers score such high checks ? Straightforward ! They don’t have confidence in settling by traditional strategies. They settle inquiries by Prioritization, Working in reverse from choices, Scanning and HUNDREDS OF SUCH TRICKS … which can be told just by specialists having dominance over total MCA syllabus and not by INEXPERIENCED TEACHERS or having authority over just a single point.

Outstanding Teaching

At MaaRula , every one of the themes are shown appropriate from the fundamental level to top level by AMIT KATIYAR Sir. He clears every one of the ideas inside and out through di¹erent cases with definite clarifications. This empowers even the weakest understudies to take a few to get back some composure over the subject and get themselves solid. Classes are led every one of the seven days in seven days for Mathematics, Reasoning, Computer, English and aer cluster timings, the understudies can profit the office of classroom study which gives them an aggressive domain and helps them to modify their day by day addresses and finish day by day bundle of inquiries gave in light of the subject instructed.

The Most Selective Test Series

Other imperative quality of MaaRula is its most elevated number of result situated TEST SERIES(more than 1000+) in India. There are five sorts of tests: Daily Test (More than 300), Weekly Test (More than 200), Progressive Test(More than 50), Revision Test (More than 200), Final Test (More than 250) comprising altogether of 1000+ test papers covering more than 1,00,000 inquiries.

Greatest individual consideration

:- We give careful consideration to every one of the understudies. From our experience, we have seen that any normal understudy is forever discontent in a huge gathering of understudies as he never gets an opportunity to make inquiries, raise questions and so on account of faltering and dread. We will guarantee that even a normal understudy benefits as much from the classes as a splendid understudy.

Revision classes for best performance

This will help you a great deal and keep the force going till the last stage. It is our experience that even the brilliant understudies once in a while find that there is still a considerable measure to know and enhance at the last stage. Update classes are outlined remembering this.